Welcome to Legacy Quarterly, the magazine that four times a year will bring you fifty plus pages of high quality color photos and great stories. This publication fulfills a lifetime dream of showcasing the Massey Harris Ferguson brand. I hope you enjoy it as much as my small staff enjoys bringing it to you.
Legacy Quarterly News
  • Issue #3 was mailed on June 30 and is the combine special issue. It features the history of grain harvesting and how it related to the Massey Harris Company as well as the high quality color photography that you have come to expect. There is a special section on Australian harvesters, experimental Wallis and Ferguson combines and many other great stories. This is an issue that you won’t want to miss!

  • July marks the release of the first in a series of DVD’s. See the ad and printable order form listed under WHAT’S NEW right here on the website.

  • Issue #2 was released at the end of March and features the Massey Ferguson 1100 Series tractors. There are a few copies of collectable Issue #1 still available. They may be ordered for $10, which includes mailing. New subscribers who order before the end of April will have Issue #2 mailed to them at no extra cost.

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Issue Outtakes

Welcome to Legacy Quarterly , the magazine that four times a year will bring you 68 pages of high quality color photos and great stories. This publication fulfills a lifetime dream of showcasing the Massey Harris Ferguson brand. I hope you enjoy it as much as my small staff enjoys bringing it to you.
Legacy Quarterly News
  • LQ #44 was in the mail the first week of October and even with all of the issues with the USPS, delivery seemed to be very timely.

    Because of COVID, Sue and I didn’t get to do as much traveling as usual. As a result, many of the stories for issue #44 and photos for the calendar were done much closer to our home turf. One such story was about a fall pumpkin business called Dupler’s Pumpkin Land, whose owner uses several Massey Ferguson 135 tractors. One of those, was a British built MF 135 that Roger just restored for this fall’s season. Nice story and a lot of good photos.

    Another article featured the Brett Huizenga family from Minnesota. Brett and his wife Sara have a very nice collection of Massey-Harris and Massey Ferguson tractors. Also featured in this issue is an article by Don Pogalz, a former MF employee who worked with the Claas German built Massey Ferguson 8400 Series combines.

    The final feature was Réjean Michaud’s ½ scale models. All hand built by Réjean himself, they all work. Everything from a Pacemaker and a Model 33 tractor, #6 mowers, #11 hay rake, White Silage chopper, Model 82 combine and a #3 wagon. Contributor and Quebec resident, Gordon Barnett wrote the story and took the excellent photos. Numerous readers have already expressed their amazement at the quality of Réjean workmanship!

    An Extended Letter from Indiana reader, Lon Rice and his favorite little Massey Ferguson 7 tells the amazing story of this tough little tractor. The well-illustrated letter from long-time Ohio subscriber, Wayne Williams rounded out this issue. Wayne has contributed many fascinating stories and at 94 years-of-age, he has a unique perspective that you won’t want to miss! We have had many positive comments from both subscribers who call in to renew and those who have sent us letters. Thanks Wayne, for touching the lives of so many readers!

    We ran a double-page ad in this issue advertising back issues. As a result, there have been a lot of orders this past month. If you have been thinking about ordering issues of Legacy Quarterly that you are missing, don’t wait too much longer. There are several issues that are out of print and several more of which we are running out. Order the ones that you are missing. The special 5 for $25, is still in affect!

    2021 Legacy Quarterly Calendars Order your Legacy Quarterly Massey Ferguson 2021 Calendar
    2021 Massey Ferguson Calendar

    We are taking orders for the new 2021 Legacy Quarterly calendars. Many readers have already preordered calendars, which will begin to be mailed the second week of November. These 13-month calendars feature two images for each month. They are $12 each with special pricing for eight or more sent to the same address. These calendars go a long way to support the magazine and help us keep our costs down. If you enjoy the magazine, show your support by buying a 2021 calendar. Thanks!

  • LQ #43 was in the mail the first week of July. The mail service has been greatly affected by the virus issue. Overseas delivery has been poor to non-existent. It is a problem for which I don’t have a solution. Canadian delivery has been VERY slow with some spotty non-delivery. We are working on that. On top of that, we have just had another postal rate increase. This makes the fifth rate increase that we have absorbed.

    At the time, I didn’t have time to post the outtakes for issue #42 so I will post LQ #42 and #43 at the same time. Issue #43 is the first time that we have done a Lawn and Garden Tractor Special Issue. This is probably one of the most difficult project that we have worked on since I first started publication eleven years ago. There is a lot of mis-information about these little tractors and I sincerely hope that we have cleared some of it up.

  • Please send in you address changes at least two weeks before the next issue is released. The postal service doesn’t forward periodical mail. That means for the October issue, you need to get address changes to us by the second week of September.

  • The cover photo of the 1956 Massey-Harris Model 50 was owned by Brian and Cheryl Jennings from Farmland, Indiana. The photo was taken by Super-T. (cover LQ #42)

    The 50 Series tractors were featured in LQ #42. This included the Massey-Harris 50, Ferguson F-40, Massey Ferguson 50 and the models that followed. (OT #2-7)

    This issue also contains Extended Letters from David Suprenant, (OT #8) Jeremiah Flicker (OT #9), Nick Pervis (OT #10) and members of the Northeast Massey Collectors (OT #11).

    There was also an excellent article about the little known Massey Ferguson 5650 combine that was written by Don Pogalz who had worked for the company especially on this machine. (OT #12)

    The second feature article was a complete history of the Massey Ferguson Model 65, which is considered to be the first true tractor from the newly formed Massey Ferguson Company. Included was a double page spread showing all of the new line of tractors and model variations in 1965. (OT #13 and OT #14)

    LQ #42 also contains a very unique vintage ad on page 2. It was a mint condition calendar from the year 1927. It came to us from Dennis Geisinger of Taneytown, Maryland. The art work was entitled Song of the Lark, and appeared on a calendar from Pennsylvania Massey-Harris dealer, Abram Etter.

  • Outtakes, LQ #43

    This is our first Lawn and Garden Tractor Special Issue and as you would guess, it is packed full of photos, stories, history, facts and figures about these tough little tractors. Two double-spread charts were included that list all of the different products that were engineered and manufactured by Massey Ferguson first in Wisconsin and later Des Moines, Iowa. The company built and sold an extensive line of lawn and garden tractors. They also sold roto-tillers first made by the Dura Corporation and later AMF. They also sold push mowers made by AMF–American Machine and Foundry. When the Des Moines factory closed in 1979, the MF Consumer Products Division–which produced the lawn and garden tractor line–ended production and was sold to the Snapper Corporation which continued to build many of the Massey Ferguson models and designs. These two charts represent and lot of research and should be able to answer most question regarding production years, model and serial numbers. (OT #16 and #17)

    This issue also spotlights featured collector and Montana resident Neil Hoff and his family. Neil has quite a collection and you will enjoy reading their family story. Neil and his son, Kyle, also have quite an impressive assortment of MF attachments, implements and accessories. (OT #18 and #19)

    Since this issue features Lawn and Garden Tractors, we have included several Extended Letters from Garden Tractor enthusiasts. Pennsylvania collector Dean Barnes, Bruce Crum from Indiana, Jeff Miller from Wisconsin, Lon Rice also from Indiana and Dennis Brodman from Ohio. All included interesting stories and great photos of their favorite little Massey tractors. (OT #20, 21 and 22)

    Massey Ferguson also built several models of mowers for Snapper. This model is based on the Massey Ferguson Model 6 riding mower. Much of this information came from contributor, Jeff Miller from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (OT #23)

    Few Massey collectors have heard of the MF 195. It was designed, field tested and had a marketing plan all worked out but it never went into production. Several months later it reappeared as the MF 1080. That is the model that appears on the cover of the July issue. This is one of the few surviving photos of the prototype tractor. (OT #24)

    Last but not least, there is a special tribute to long time Massey employee and Legacy Magazine contributor, Arnott Neals. He passed away this spring at the age of 96. He spent his career traveling all over the world for Massey-Harris and Massey Ferguson. (OT #25)

  • In an effort to hold the line on production cost, we have asked readers for a little help.

    1. US readers need to pay by check if at all possible. Credit card costs are outrageous. Canadian and foreign orders still need to pay with a credit card.
    2. Cut out the address label that is at the top right-hand corner of the carrier sheet that is packed with your magazine. If you have had a change of address, cross that label out and write the correct new address on the form at the bottom of the sheet.
    3. If you are ordering more than one item, please pay with just one check.
    4. Most importantly, note your expiration date at the very top right-hand corner of the sheet. One of our largest expenses in mailing out reminder cards. If you renew on time, that revenue can be funneled back into the magazine. Thanks!
  • Issue #41 has three features. The first is an in-depth look at the Wallis Tractor Company and features the very rare Model K3. The article traces the beginning of the company and its decision to abandon production of the large Model B–or Wallis Bear–and concentrate on a series of smaller and more versatile models. Included are many formerly unpublished photos and information. The centerfold showcases the rare Wallis Model K3 tractor.

  • The second feature chronicles Ontario Massey collector François Latour and his highly successful attempt to regain his place in the Guinness World’s Record book. Legacy contributor, Gordon Barnett pulls out all the stops as he presents through words and pictures the huge undertaking of presenting a threshing event for over 12,000 visitors, 2,000 volunteers and 800 threshing machine operators and crew.

  • The third feature is the Massey Military Veteran’s Salute, Part II. Eight pages of photos and stories of Legacy Quarterly readers who collect Massey tractor and also served their country in the US military.

  • Reader Dan Lee, shares his restoration of a Massey Ferguson Model 203 Industrial tractor. Taking a discarded tractor sitting under an Oak tree in Lake Isabella, California, Dan completes a first-rate, ground-up restoration of a model he used as a boy on the family’s dairy farm.

  • Lastly, LQ #41 includes a special salute to the memory of legionary Massey Ferguson employee Leeroy Gordon. Leeroy was the head Field Test Engineer for many years and contributed much first-hand information and photos to Legacy Quarterly. He will be missed!

  • Don’t forget Making Hay the Massey Way, in the October issue of Legacy Quarterly. Don’t miss the chance to have your tractors and hay making equipment included in the special feature.

  • For Sale: Two, Type-2, 1-1/2 hp Massey-Harris gas engines. New mags and on trucks, $1,000 each. Antique pulley driven sharpening wheel, $100. Call Jim @ 905-873-1461, ON. (11/19)

Issue Outtakes