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  • LQ #29 was mailed the first week of January and of course, when you receive you copy varies greatly. They are mailed from Arizona so if you live in the eastern U.S. you will be the last to receive your magazine. If you are a reader in Canada, the mailing time is really hard to determine.

    We still have a few calendars left. If you didn’t get a chance to order yours, send in your order right away.

    We are making a few changes to the Outtakes. I will move several of the images and stories over to the Facebook page. If you are not a follower of that sight, there will still be a few things here on the website.

    The issue covers the greatest expanse in company history that we have ever published. The is an article about Jerry Miller’s 1899 Bain Stock Wagon and at the other end of the spectrum is the Massey Ferguson 2000 Series tractors that were built through the early 1980’s.

    Also included in issue #29 is several excellent extended letters, and article about a M-H 101 Senior Orchard tractor, the Chad Ferguson family restores the family’s Ferguson T0-35, a story about Walter Massey, the rebuilding of a Massey-Harris Model 20 tractor and of course Part I of the Massey Ferguson 2000 Series tractors.

    There is also a history of the Walter Wood Company that is published in outline form. The complete text of the story will be posted here on the homepage of the website. It is in a PDF format so you can read it on line or print your own copy.

    We still have the back issue sale, so if you have been putting off purchasing issue that you don’t have, print the form and place your order.

    One additional note: if you live in the U.S. we would really prefer that you pay for calendars renewals, etc with a check. Banks charges for credit card transaction really get to be expensive. If you live in Canada or overseas, credit card transactions are all that we can accept. We are on a tight budget and every little bit helps.

    Hope that you and your family have a Happy New Year! Gary and Sue.

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  • Outtakes from Issue #28 are here!

  • LQ #28 marks our end of the year issue and includes the Massey-Harris Company Christmas card from 1931 plus a nostalgic holiday calendar image from 1949. Both images remind us of the simpler times of the past.

    This issue features a restoration of a Massey Ferguson 14 Lawn and Garden tractor by Dean Barnes. Those of you who are garden tractor fans will appreciate the work that Dean put into this project.

    British Ferguson collector and writer David Walker put together a great article on the Ferguson FE-35 and the path it took to becoming the Massey Ferguson 35X.

    There are three “Extended Letters” from readers that subscribers will find interesting.

    The October issue always includes the ever-popular “Working Tractors”, a pictorial in which readers share photos of the special Massey and Ferguson tractors earning their keep. The issue has some really special photos!

    This issue is capped off with an article called, “The Year in Review–1949”. It displays many of the items that were featured in the 1949 Massey-Harris Farmer’s Handy Catalog. It clearly shows the rapidly changing technology used in North American agriculture. The article includes lots of images from that catalog.

    The 2017 Legacy Quarterly 2017 calendar is for sale starting in October. This year’s calendar is better than ever. There are only a limited number available. Order yours early to avoid disappointment. They make great Christmas gifts!

    Don’t forget about the back issue sale, that’s five issues of your choice for $25, which includes postage. Check out the index on the homepage to see which issues you would like to order. You can click on the image and download the index and print your own copy.

    Have a great Christmas holiday,

    Gary Heffner, editor

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  • Outtakes from issue #26 are here!

  • LQ #26 is sort of a small tractor issue as it includes part I of our feature on the Massey-Harris Pony tractors. This versatile little tractor was one of the best selling models that the company ever produced. It had lots of variations and many different implements that allowed this tough little tractor to do a lot of jobs. We will take a closer look at those implements in Pony Feature Part II, which will be in the July issue.

    Before the Pony, Massey-Harris marketed the General GG, which was built by the Cleveland Tractor Company in Cleveland, Ohio. This April issue also includes an in-depth article about the General, which was sold in Canada with models finding their way to the United States.

    An article about the Ferguson T0-35 Gas Special rounds out this spring issue.

    Don’t forget the Massey Show Guide to be found at the back of this issue. Support our advertisers as this help to make this magazine possible.

    Thanks to all of you who ordered this year’s calendar. This is a very expensive magazine to produce and proceeds from the calendar go a long way in helping to support our publishing efforts. We are sold out of calendars for this year.

    We are running out of storage space so if you have considered ordering back issues, now is the time to do so. Priced at five issues for $25, which includes postage is a good deal!

    If you have photos and/or stories about you Massey Pony, you still have time to get them included in Part II. Call or email for additional information. I am especially looking for good photos of Pony implements and any other tools that were used on these great little tractors.

    Hope you have a great summer,

    Gary Heffner, editor

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