Canadian artist Johnny Filipchuk is one of those rare painters that have the ability to capture rural landscapes in a way that is both amazingly accurate and intensely emotional. In his watercolor, “Maggie and Molly”, that intense emotional response is keenly evident. What greater joy than proudly introducing your grandson to you long time farming partner, the partner who worked with you through the years in both good times and bad. Johnny brought his wonderful vision of rural history to the first issue of Legacy Quarterly in January. This specially commissioned cover will introduce you to the incredible history of the Massey Harris Ferguson family. Copies of this limited edition print are available directly from the artist. See his ad in issue #2 or contact Johnny at

After the release of issue #2 in April, the OUTTAKES link will provide you with additional information about feature stories that were in that issue. Photos of the families that had tractors and equipment featured and expanded information related to the story. This additional link will provide subscribers with more photos and story follow-ups.

"Maggie & Molly"

In the eyes of Massey-Harris collectors and restorers, the Model 44 was the best tractor ever built. The 44 Standard was first built in 1946, and continued until 1955. It was offered in three different engines: the gasoline, distillate and propane fuels. Two years later, in 1948, Massey-Harris offered the diesel motor version.

I was inspired to do this painting because my grandfather owned this make and model of tractor. When drawing this image, I was visualizing three generations in both of the elements. In the first element, the shed, the oxen cart, the horse drawn wagon, and finally the tractor were placed. In the second element, I decided to depict three generations; my father showing my son my grandfather's tractor, while the dog Maggie is just waiting and watching.

My grandfather used to name his machinery and his animals; he called this tractor Molly, so that is what I called the tractor in the painting. The dog in the picture belongs to a friend, and her name is Maggie. That is where the title of the painting came from, "Maggie & Molly".

Johnny Filipchuk

Each issue will be packed with full color photos of tractors and equipment that represents the full Massey family line: giant steam engines from the Canadian Sawyer-Massey days, early horse drawn Massey Harris implements, Parrett, Wallis, Bull, General tractors, Massey Harril built tractors implements and combines, plus articles about the precision engineered Ferguson line of tractors and equipment. To complete the family line up: Massey Ferguson tractors, equipment and the entire line of lawn and garden tractors will be presented in each and every issue.
Massey Harris was not only known for tractors and the finest combines on the market but the Farmer's Handy Catalog featured products for the home and farm: everything from water rams, bicycles, and freezers to kitchen ranges and wood stoves. Each issue will have a section, Massey Harris for the Home and Farm, that will examine all of the unique things that made Massey Harris such an influential company.

Also look forward to a section called 'RFD' where readers can send in pictures of their own tractors and restorations, pose questions for other readers, search for parts or just establish contacts with other like-minded collectors.